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Skip the Start-up and Get Down to Business

Recently, the NY Times published an article about entrepreneurs who want a path that's "not as risky as a start-up, [and] not as safe as going the corporate path". The path; purchase a small to medium size existing business and build it out.

The couple in the article left their corporate lives behind to purchase a landscaping business in Southern Maine. While buying a landscaping business doesn’t make sense for most public companies, buying existing cash flowing businesses does!

Many micro-cap public companies have big plans that involve growing from the gorund up. Most entrepreneurs will agree, gaining that initial business traction is no easy task. Public or private, acquisitions create a Launchpad to support future growth.

The article also noted that "Interest in this area is growing, experts say, for a number of reasons. First, baby boomers who started their own businesses - and who do not have children or successors - are ready to sell and retire. Additionally, money is easier to borrow than it has been in the last several years."

When discussing the small business market, the author highlights "That world works much as the residential real estate market does. Sites like and advertise companies for sale, usually with a broker's name included in the listing."

Check out the entire article on the NY Times website HERE

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