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Complexity Didn't Stop 2015 From Being a Record Year For M&A Volume.

With over $4.7 trillion in announced deals, 2015 was a record year for M&A. An article in the New York Times' DealBook discussed how deals in 2015 were not only huge but they were complicated.

While all M&A deals have some level of complexity, the article highlights a few examples of complex deals from this year. Pfizer and Allergan seeking to merge through a tax-inversion deal, SABMiller's multiple required divestitures, and Dell's use of a "tracking stock" in the EMC deal were all used as examples of increased complexity in 2015 deals.

The article closes with a quote from Robin Rankin, the global co-head of M&A at Credit Suisse. Rankin said "People are being more thoughtful in trying to solve the objectives of both sides" he continues "They're willing to do so through structure or governance or other mechanisms, and I think that theme will continue."

To read the full article on DealBook, please click HERE.

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