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Acquis Global Investments to Attend the Vibrant Gujarat 8th Annual Global Summit

Acquis Global Investments to Attend the Vibrant Gujarat 8th Annual Global Summit

Acquis Global Investments, LLC (“AGI”), an Acquis Capital company, is scheduled to attend the Vibrant Gujarat 8th Annual Global Summit held January 9-13, 2017 in Gujarat, India. AGI is seeking qualified small and medium enterprises for investment and advisory services.

“The size of the Indian market, changes in regulation, and the growth rate of India’s economy have us very excited about Indian startups and SMEs” said Sam Kotch, managing member of AGI. “We look forward to providing Indian companies with direct investment and advising them as they grow and expand internationally.”

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit started in 2003 to rekindle the pace of investments in the state, has since established itself as one of the most important international business events in the country. Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is an example of the visionary approach of the Government of Gujarat towards inclusive and sustainable development by ensuring policy coherence and effective investment promotion. Far from the regional investment fair that characterized the first Summit in 2003, the biennial Summit has today become a unique forum for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, networking, exploring business opportunities and signing cooperation agreements and partnerships, while setting the policy agenda for meeting some of the current global challenges.

Acquis Global Investments, LLC (“AGI”) is an investment fund that provides direct investment and capital markets advisory to small and medium enterprises (“SME”). Our firm is led by an experienced team of investors and attorneys with over 50 years’ experience navigating and investing in the US Capital Markets. AGI is an Acquis Capital company. Learn more at

Acquis Capital is a private investment fund that specializes in acquisition and project finance. Acquis invests in small public and private companies that are seeking capital to fund acquisitions or projects that create immediate tangible value. For more information please visit or follow us at @MicroMnA.

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